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Drilling Rig ImageNew and Upcoming!

What's new in Plod?

  1. Rig Activity: This has been overhauled and extended to produce graphs and/or Excel input detailing hourly activity at each Rig.

  2. Over-ride Rates: Allows you to override an employee’s normal pay rates for selected shifts. Handy for those occasions where an Assistant works as a Driller for a shift.

  3. Off-shore operations: When you have contracts running overseas Plod can now:
    • Handle GST with any description at any rate (eg: VAT at 14%), or ignore it when required – for all or nominated Jobs.
    • Handle foreign Flat and Slab income tax regimes in various currencies.
    • Handle “Expat Pays” where employment contracts are on “company pays tax” terms – for all or nominated employees.

  4. QuickBooks: Plod will now export Sales and Pay Journals in both MYOB and Quickbooks import formats.

  5. Pay Contractors via Payroll: In some cases "employees" can actually be contractors. PC-Plod now allows you to pay Contractors via the payroll with various options to cover Remittance Advice or RCTI instead of PaySlip; handling of SGL, Payroll Tax and Workers Comp; special tax arrangements; etc.

  6. PayFormula=8:  Allows for field-staff DayRates, with separate rates for “Active” and “InActive” work types.  Can be used in conjunction with OverRide Rates (eg: to pay a premium when supervising) and Site Allowances.

  7. Notes on Invoices: Option al“notes” can now be included on individual invoices (eg: Approval Number, or any free form text with no real restriction on length).

What's Coming:

We are presently working on extensions to allow Onsite Plod entry: The intention is to optionally allow entry of Plods at the worksite with the objectives of:

  • Remove opportunity for customer to delay payment
  • Speed up data entry process
  • Meet varying customer requests for electronic or printed Plod detail

Preview Plod Online:

We now have a demonstration database operational in the Cloud where you can log-in to view Plod in action. Contact us for log-in details (0418 844 589 or geoff@dubsec.com.au)

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