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Hardware & Equipment Requirements

Ideally you will need:

For an in-house installation:

  • A reasonably fast A4 laser printer
  • A reliable network to link user PCs together
  • A broadband internet connection

For Plod in the Cloud:

  • A reasonably fast A4 laser printer
  • A reliable PC, Mac or Laptop
  • A broadband internet connection

Please note:
We do not sell computers, but we are happy to offer advice in this regard. We would like to think you had a good rapport with a local supplier who can respond to your hardware/network needs when required.

Computer system requirements (in-house):

A single PC with 1GB RAM running Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows 7

A number of PCs networked and running Windows,
A Windows Server network with, or without, Terminal Services.

There is no practical maximum.

Example of Different Network Configurations available with PC-Plod

Click here to see the different types of Computer & Network Configurations
for Plod, including Plod in the Cloud

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