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PaySlips by Email

You have to give them a Payslip - but how?

Your office is in Albury, but your man lives in Perth and is working this week in Mackay. How do you get his payslip to him?

PC-Plod gives you the option of printed Payslips and/or a PDF attachment in an email sent direct from PC-Plod.

Drilling Rig ImageOne click operation:

At the click of a mouse PC-Plod print paper Payslips for those that require them and automatically send emails to the rest.

Example of a Payslip (Image File)


  1. PC-Plod is its own Mail Client. It links direct with your mailserver without relying on Outlook, Thunderbird or your normal email applications.
  2. PC-Plod builds each Payslip as a PDF and makes it an attachment to an email sent to the employee.
  3. This procedure uses the same techniques used when sending Invoices by email direct to clients.
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