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PC-Plod Drilling Industry Software

How to purchase PC-Plod

Enterprise Licence

Drilling Rig ImageYou purchase an Enterprise Licence which entitles you to operate PC-Plod on any number of computers at your head office plus any branches and worksites which are part of your normal operations, including wholly owned subsidiaries.
The Licence is for 12 months, renewable for 12 monthly terms.

Licence Fees

The Initial Licence Fee is an amount established by your size and scope of operations.  It includes an element to recover your portion of the cost of developing PC-Plod plus an allowance for a specified amount of installation and training.  Renewal Licence Fees are around 20% (each year) of the Initial Licence Fee and include an element to cover your portion of ongoing development of the system.


PC-Plod is a “living” system in that it is regularly enhanced and updated to meet changing statutory, industry and user requirements. At all times all customers are entitled to the latest production version of PC-Plod.  We will advise you as these updates come available.
You are invited to provide your input as to the design and future direction of the system.


Drilling Rig ImageAn agreed amount of Installation and Support is included in the Licence Fees; after this up to one hour of free support is available each month. Beyond this Support is charged for on a monthly basis at our hourly rate. (See Support Policy)


You accept that, as with all ongoing software development projects, there is a risk that unforseen circumstances, or errors on behalf of the developers or their advisers, may produce unexpected results from time to time.  We will make every endeavour to rectify any such issues as we are made aware of them, but you are responsible for auditing/checking that the results produced by the system are what you would reasonably expect.

How to start
Contact us to get the following steps under way:

  1. An initial discusion to confirm that PC-Plod will meet your needs

  2. Establish prices (refer to the Licence Fee calculator in the "Fine Print")

  3. You may wish to visit PlodCo or one of our user sites to see PC-Plod in operation

  4. If appropriate we will visit your site (at your expense) to further confirm how PC-Plod will integrate into your operations

  5. Contract arrangements

  6. We install the invoicing side of PC-Plod and provide initial user training

  7. We provide further support and training by phone or online from Dubbo and monitor how you are using the system

  8. Once you are familiar with the operation of the system we install the payroll side of PC-Plod

  9. Ongoing support and training is provided by phone, or online, or by site visits.

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