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PC-Plod Drilling Industry Software

PC-Plod Invoicing

Drilling Rig ImageFeatures:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly, semi-monthly, 4-Weekly, or Monthly invoice cycles

  • Invoice on Demand – an Invoice Period determines when sales are Posted to the General Ledger, not necessarily when the work was done. The date range on an invoice is not constrained by the Period range.

  • Un-Post, edit and re-invoice from any Period – even months ago.

  • Send invoices direct from PC-Plod by email

  • All reports and invoices can be saved as PDFs

  • Handles off-shore contracts - GST, VAT, non-Tax, etc.

  • Sales posted to GL by Customer, Job, Rig, Product, Date, Shift

  • Charge by Metre, Hour, Each, etc.

  • Prices may vary by Job

  • Prices may vary by Depth or Quantity

  • Invoicing filtered by Customer, Job, Rig, and optionally by Hole, CustRef, Date Range.
    • Operator may specify which Holes go on which Invoice
    • Invoicing date range may be independent of Period dates

Drilling Rig Image
Invoice on Demand:

An invoice Period determines when sales are Posted to the General Ledger, not necessarily when the work was done.

  • The date range on an invoice is not constrained by the Period range.

  • Invoicing remains open and editable until issued, finalised and posted.
    • You can print and re-print Proformas and Invoices at any stage during the Period for management/enquiry purposes.

  • Where necessary you may Un-Post and invoice from any Period, add/alter/delete details, re-issue and re-Post it - with appropriate, balanced entries going to the general ledger.


  • Proforma Invoice:
    • detail in chronological order by rig.
    • optional Rig Usage stats.
    • both availabe as export files for customer and/or internal use.
    • Example Proforma (Image File)

  • Invoice:
  • $ Shift Report - email to customer a priced report of activity for each Shift and Period to date.

  • Sales by Job - for selected Period(s).

  • PlodTrans - a very revealing summary for management for selected Period(s)

  • FreeForm - you can generate your own reports for your own purposes.

Drilling Rig ImageAnalysis:

All detail from Plods and Invoices is retained for analysis purposes. By convention this detail will remain in the database for several years.

  • Entry Stats - Quickly see which plods have been entered, and metres drilled at every Rig/Shift (as at 9:00am this morning if your guys are on the ball!).

  • $ x Rig/Shift - Quickly see $ revenue for every Rig/Shift with totals and averages by Rig and Day (as at 9:00am this mornig if your guys are on the ball!).

  • Rig Usage - Which Rigs were doing what?

  • PlodSniffer and PlodSniffAll are "data miing" tools that allow you to filter, select, and analyse detail at any level. Detail filtered by the Sniffers may be:
    • Exported to a .TXT file for further analysis and reporting/charting in Excel, Word, etc.
    • Printed as a report using Plod's FreeForm facility.

  • Rig Activity - assembles statistical data from your database and presents this as:
    • a graph which you can copy/paste this into Word or other applications.
    • A statistical file which can be printed as a report, or exported to Excel for further analysis and printing.

Invoice detail supplied to your customer comes in 4 parts:

This shows the detail entered from Plods in chronological order and can be cross-checked to the Plods themselves.
This itself is presented in two parts:
a. Invoice:
Summarises detail for each Hole in turn with one line per Product/Rate (eg: HQ Drilling at $110/m will show separate to HQ Drilling at $125/m, etc.)

b. Invoice Summary:
Aggregates detail for all Holes together with one line per Product/Rate.
This feature is optional.
This saves all the detail used to create the Proforma Invoice as a tab-delimited TXT file that can be opened in Excel or imported to other systems.

This feature is optional.
Where required you may generate Rig Activity Statistics for your customer by
either:sing and formatting in Excel.

a. Use Cut and Paste to copy a chart from the Proformas.
b. and/or save the stats underpinning this chart as a small tab-delimited text file for further processing and formatting in Excel:

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