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Drilling Rig ImageOH&S & Incidents

PC-Plod records Incidents to AS-1885.1 and matches these with the Labour details automatically provided from the payroll to give a set of very efficient analysis and reporting tools.

Analysis tools feature:

  • View results on-screen, or as printed reports or as graphs
  • Graphs can be pasted into Word, Excel, etc.
  • Rapid calculation of Frequency, Duration and Incident Rates for LTIs, MTIs, DIs, RIs, AIs,
  • Based on Monthly, Quarterly, 6-Monthly, Yearly or Financial-Yearly periods over any chosen timespan
  • Works at Job, State and Company levels
  • Analyse Incidents by Incident Type, Nature of Injury, Body Location, Injury Class.

    eg. You can rapidly:
  1. Show, say, LTIFR for Queensland on a quarterly basis, year-by-year for the last three years.
  2. Advise your customers of ManHours, Average ManDays, etc for individual Jobs
  3. Show prospective customers details of your impressive safety record
  4. Analyse your safety performance to determine which management initiatives are working.
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