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PC-Plod Drilling Industry Software

How do I install PC-Plod

We install it for you

Drilling Rig ImageOnce installed, PC-Plod will become the backbone of your office operations, responsible for most, if not all, of your income, and the largest chunk of your spending. Before long everyone in your office will be reliant on PC-Plod to perform their daily tasks.
So installing PC-Plod is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are a number of steps that we should jointly follow:

  1. We confirm that PC-Plod will indeed work for you in your environment. After all, you don't want a system that doesn't suit your style, and we don't want unhappy customers.

  2. We need to finalise the contractual arrangements

  3. We agree on an installation schedule

  4. We install the invoicing side of PC-Plod and provide initial user training. This includes:
    1. Installing the Firebird Database server on your LAN (Local Area Network, ie the PCs and/or network at your office(s)).
    2. Installing the PC-Plod program.
    3. Setting various parameters and system files that relate to your site.
    4. Working with your staff to create various files:
      1. Chart of Products
      2. Customer
      3. Job
      4. Rig
      5. Employee
    5. We instruct as your staff go through the process of entering live data and printing Proformas, Invoices etc.

  5. We supervise your staff handling their first invoice Period End.

  6. We provide further support and training by phone or online from Dubbo and monitor how you are using the system

  7. Once you are familiar with the operation of the system we install the payroll side of PC-Plod, working with your staff to:
    1. Confirm the operation of Bonuses
    2. Create various files:
      1. Tax Tables
      2. Accrual Rules
      3. Funds
      4. Classifications
      5. Fully populate data in the Employee File
    3. Supervise the entry of live payroll data

  8. Ongoing support and training is provided by phone, or online, or by site visits.

Ongoing Training and Support

  1. We are able to access and supervise your progress from our PLodCo Pty Ltd office in Dubbo.

  2. Ongoing support and training is provided by phone, or online, or by site visits.

Program Updates

  1. Your Licence entitles you to the latest production version of PC-Plod.

  2. Your site can be updated either:
    1. By us, online from Dubbo, or
    2. We send you an email with the update attached.
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