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PC-Plod Drilling Industry Software

Who supports PC-Plod?

PC-Plod is supported by:

  • Technical staff at PlodCo (the guys who wrote the system and undertake ongoing development).

    The Plod User Manual is regularly updated and available to Licensed Users as a PDF from our website.

For in-house installations we supply your site with one copy of the Plod Technical Reference Manual as an aid for your network administrator.

Installation & Ongoing Support:

Drilling Rig ImageAn agreed amount of Installation and ongoing Support is included in the Licence Fee. Basically this boils down to 20 hours for installation, training and initial support and an ongoing one hour per month after that (on a use-it-or lose-it basis).

Beyond this Support is charged for at an hourly rate (in 15 minute increments) on a monthly basis.

Support can take the form of:

  • Telephone Support (You call us)
  • Remote, online Support (We use the internet to link into your network)
  • Site visit (We visit you)

See our Support Policy 

Note that PC-Plod is a “living” system in that it is regularly enhanced and updated to meet changing statutory, industry and user requirements.

  • At all times all customers are entitled to the latest production version of PC-Plod.
  • The cost of these Updates is covered by your Licence Fee.
  • We will advise you as these updates come available.
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