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Terminology Explained

  • What is the Cloud?
    Cloud computing refers to the concept where the applications and data you are using are not actually running on the device you have at hand; the computing and storage take place via the internet, on servers in a datacentre located elsewhere.

    Generally speaking, the device at your end can be anything that will support an internet connection – a PC, laptop, Mac, smart phone, iPad, Thin-Client, or even an internet café. The datacentre may be located literally anywhere, even overseas - the application service providers will have chosen one based on technical ability, reputation, backup, redundancy, security and price/performance. When the dizzy blonde was asked to explain how she could manage her bank accounts via her iPhone she simply waved her hands in the air and said “It’s all in the Cloud”.

  • What is SAAS?
    Where software providers offer their product to users in a vertical market via the Cloud, you will sometimes see this referred to as Software As A Service (SAAS).

  • What is a Datacentre?
    A Datacentre is a fortress type building that contains a massive amount of computing power, data storage, and super-fast internet bandwidth. This can be divided up into any number of “virtual” Servers and Desktops, each of which is dynamically scalable.
    Datacentre customers include the likes of government departments, banks, corporations, and software houses.

  • What is a RemoteApp?
    A RemoteApp looks and behaves as if it is running on your PC or laptop just like any other application. In fact it is running on, and accessing databases, at a powerful server located in a Datacentre elsewhere.

  • What is a Virtual Desktop?
    A Virtual Desktop is a “PC in the Cloud”. To the user it looks and behaves exactly like a new computer but they access it from their normal PC/laptop using the same keyboard, screen, printers, etc. The computing grunt and data storage is actually in a remote Datacentre. The user can switch back and forth between their local and remote desktops.

Plod In The Cloud Example


We provide PC-Plod as SAAS, via the Cloud. We do it in such a way that:

  • Drilling Rig ImageThe executable programs that run in the Datacentre are exactly the same as those we install for conventional in-house clients using their own computer(s).

  • The device at your end would normally be your office computer or a laptop running Windows XP or Windows 7; but it could be your home computer, a Mac, an internet café, or even an iPad.

  • Most users choose to use Plod in the Cloud as a RemoteApp. In this case we provide a small file that appears like a shortcut icon on your desktop:

    • To run Plod simply double-click the icon. It will log you into the server at the datacentre and connect you to your database.

    • PC-Plod will appear and operate as if it was running on your own computer. In fact the “work” is being done at the datacentre.

    • Printing will take place on your local printer.

    • Where appropriate you can transfer files to/from your local desktop/folders.

    • You can copy and paste data from Plod to other apps running locally.

  • Some users choose to use Plod in the Cloud via a Virtual Desktop. In this case the datacentre provides and maintains a special desktop for the user which is, to all intents and purposes, exactly like having two computers sharing the same screen and keyboard.

    • one in the datacentre plus the local PC/laptop.

When logged in to the Virtual Desktop:

  • It appears and operates as if it was running on your own computer. In fact it is all located and happens at the datacentre.

  • Our Virtual Desktops are supplied with licensed copies of MicroSoft Office installed.

  • Printing will take place on your local printer.

  • Where appropriate you can transfer files to/from your local desktop/folders.

  • You can copy and paste data between your Virtual and real desktops.

  • We configure your Virtual Desktop with Plod – it will appear to operate as if it were installed on your own PC.

  • You can log into your Virtual Desktop from literally anywhere. We have some users who use Windows at work and Mac at home.

Benefits of Plod in the Cloud

  • Drilling Rig ImageAnywhere, anytime:
    You can access Plod in the Cloud from literally anywhere, 24/7. You will require a half-decent internet connection, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve that provide access from unexpected places.

  • No worries:
    The computing grunt and data storage all happens at the world-class Datacentre. The datacentre is responsible for keeping the hardware up to date and for providing backup and redundancy to ensure there are no hardware failures. You do not need to employ or retain your own computer gurus to do this.

  • Scalable:
    The datacentre resource you use can be increased or decreased as required. You do not need to invest in updated or additional in-house servers and computing expertise as your business expands.

  • Flexible:
    If it becomes appropriate you may switch your usage from in-house to Cloud, or from Cloud to in-house. We use the same programs in both cases, so the transition for your staff is seamless. Contracts for Cloud usage are month-by-month and independent of Plod Licence Fees.

  • Up-to-date:
    Plod in the Cloud always uses the latest version of PC-Plod. We update to new versions in a way that is apparently seamless to your staff.

  • Reduced capital requirement:
    You do not need to invest in expensive in-house hardware servers, the computing expertise necessary to keep them running, or the licence fees to make them useful.

  • Security:
    In practical terms, a world-class datacentre is more secure than the average in-house computer installation. Think in terms of physical security; 24 hour manning; redundant power, air-conditioning and internet links; disaster recovery; and the fact that these guys rely on their reputation to survive.

    The Different Types of Setups for PC-Plod & Plod in the Cloud


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