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PlodCo Takes Over

PlodCo takes over Plod invoicing and payroll system for drillers

The TaG Plod+Pay system developed by Dubbo Secretariat is rebadged as “PC‐Plod” after a takeover by PlodCo Pty Limited.

”It’s really a case of same horse‐and‐jockey but different colours” explained PlodCo director Geoff McMillan. “Twenty years ago we, as Dubbo Secretariat, developed the invoicing and payroll systems for Pontil Drilling, then owned by Tom Browne. When Tom re‐entered the drilling industry in 2005 he approached us to develop a similar invoicing system for a couple of rigs he had picked up.” What started as “Tom and Geoff’s Plod System” became “TaG Plod+Pay” as sales were made to other drilling companies; and “Plod in the Cloud” when offered as a Cloud Service.

The success of Tom Browne Drilling Services (TBDS), TaG Plod+Pay, and Plod in the Cloud, has led to the formation of PlodCo Pty Limited which takes over all the Plod+Pay related activities from Dubbo Secretariat. Tom rolls his Plod+Pay interests into TBDS as “TBDS‐Plod” and Geoff rolls his into PlodCo as “PC‐Plod”. Tom can now concentrate on TBDS; Geoff can pursue the potential of PlodCo; existing Plod+Pay customers have guaranteed continuity; and Dubbo Secretariat focuses on its core business in the Graphics/Printing industry.

PlodCo’s business is developing, marketing, and supporting PC‐Plod in the Drilling Industry. It takes over Plod in the Cloud and support of existing users. It has a contract to provide ongoing development and support of TBDS‐Plod which will be used by TBDS for its own purposes. Other than this contract Tom Browne has no connection or interest in PlodCo or PC‐Plod.

Key staffers take up shares in PlodCo thus ensuring continuity of skills and knowledge. The workload and revenue from the PC‐Plod and TBDS‐Plod streams means that PlodCo will have more staff to provide a greater depth of support.


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Halve your time spent on paperwork with Plod invoicing & payroll
Plod Incorporates Payroll, Payslips & BonusesLearn more about plods Analysis toolsTools for Drilling Industry Training of Employees & Contractors TrainingNow In-House or in the Cloud! Send Invoices & Payslips by Email Integrates with MYOB & QuickBooks GL's + Word & Excel PC-Plod Invoicing & the 4 part invoice

Drilling Industry Specific

Plod has been developed in Australia by drilling industry professionals for use by drilling companies as an industry-standard system.

Efficient Operation

95% of input comes direct from Plod Sheets. At a DrillCo with 20 Rigs and 200 Employees, one girl working 4 days per week was able to handle all data entry and handle all the invoicing and payroll functions.


Plod is an online, real-time, multi-user system. As soon as data is entered it is available for Invoicing, Payroll and Analysis. Enforce the right management practices and you can have:
• Invoices on the customer’s desk one day after Period End.
• Employee’s pays, including Bonuses, in their banks two days after Period End.

Overseas Operations

Plod allows for your off-shore operations.
• GST, non-Tax, VAT, etc.
• “Expat” pays where “company pays tax”.
Foreign tax regimes.


Plod handles Weekly, Fortnightly, Semi-monthly, 4-Weekly and Monthly Invoice and/or Pay cycles.
• Pay and Invoice cycles do not need to be the same.
• Invoice on Demand.
• Un-Post, edit, and re-issue invoices from prior Periods.

Feature Rich

Plod is rich in features you may choose to use, or not use.


Extensive and flexible Bonus options. Bonuses are paid in the Period they are earned.

Invoices & Payslips by Email

Automatically send invoices and payslips by email when appropriate. All reports may be saved as PDFs for distribution or archival storage.


All detail is kept in the database for several years. Plod provides an extensive range of analysis and data-mining tools.

PlodCo Pty Ltd - PC Plod - Invoicing, Payroll & Analysis for Drillers
Developed in Australia by Drilling Industry Professionals for Drilling Industry Professionals

PlodCo Pty Limited, 52/38 Cunningham Street, Coolah NSW 2843. Ph: 0418 844 589 or +61 4 1884 4589 [Contact us]